How It All Started

Aloha! I'm Keoki Anderson, a proud Native Hawaiian with strong ties to our island and a background in Navy service. For over two decades, I've been deeply involved in Oahu's vibrant restaurant scene. Recognizing the parking challenges impacting our local businesses, I set out to find a solution in line with our island's values. In my pursuit, I became the exclusive distributor and operator for the innovative Barnacle parking technology on Oahu. This eco-conscious solution resonated with my dedication to preserving our island's beauty. With Pono Parking, our mission is to seamlessly blend efficient enforcement with the conservation of Oahu's natural allure. Combining professionalism with the authentic spirit of Aloha, I'm committed to steering Oahu towards a parking landscape that not only supports local businesses but also safeguards our island for generations to come. ​

-Keoki Anderson, President, Pono Parking